Adsense Earnings for July: $1,202.39

Two weeks ago I posted about the Adsense earnings I and my wife make with four of our blogs and how we hoped to make it to $1,000 a month income with Adsense. Now, I am happy to say that we made it to more than what we hoped for; for the month of July, we earned $1,202.39, see the screen shot below (other details are concealed in compliance with Adsense TOS) :

We believe, and we hope, that we can maintain it to this level of monthly income with Adsense because we now know what to do. Last week I have learned another good thing that really helps in boosting our earnings; it's all about how to choose the keywords that would get our blogs served with the highest paying ads from Google. As we all know, the kind of ads that appear on a page depend on what is in your page. Last week I and my wife started to be very conscious about the keywords we optimize on our blogs' pages, we made sure to optimize the good keywords, and good keywords are those that fetch good ads on the pages and good traffic. Below is an image that shows how our daily earnings increased in the last four days of July, after we started optimizing keywords that bring in high paying ads. If you look at the screen shot above which was made today, it shows "Today's Earnings" which is $216.94. That's the highest so far that we've earned in one day. That's the result of optimizing two keywords that fetch high paying ads. I'll make a tut about this in my newest blog,

Four months ago I and my wife were like most of the bloggers we know, earning just a few cents a day from Adsense. But because we did not just resign to the fate of just having a few cents a day from Adsense, we studied hard the things that those who earn thousands of dollar monthly know. Now the sleepless nights of reading and experimenting is paying off. You (those who are following the blogs I and my wife maintain) might have noticed that there are changes in three of our blogs. In February, we started taking SEO seriously so we read everything there is to read about SEO that we can get our hands on. We learned to avoid the myths and just follow the facts. The best way to get good traffic is by optimizing your blog for the search engines and then start giving people what they want. The best way to "give the people what they want" is by blogging around what is trending. How to know what is trending? It's easy: Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz, and that thingy they got there at Lycos. When a keyword is "trending" it means that it is one of the most searched keywords during a particular time. For some bloggers, following the trends is like "a race against time." But I have learned that it is not a race against time if your blog is SEO'd well. In our blogs, I and my wife have keywords that became hot one or two months ago but still these keywords continue to bring in good traffic every day. An example is the keyword "Behind the Green Door" which I optimized last April, it still brings one of my blogs a very good traffic each day. But "Behind the Green Door" is not the only one, I just use it as an example because it's the oldest. One tip: the more you post, the more the search engines will love you. We believe that content is king but it doesn't meant to say that each post that we make should be a masterpiece. If you sweat over every post that you make, you end up having a headache. I was like that when i first blogged. But now I have learned that spontaneity is the name of the game. The more spontaneous your posts are (this applies for blogs that follow the trends), the more it is enjoyable for the reader. I have received a comment from one user (not a blogger) who said: "I really love the way you post little snippets everyday, I am always in a hurry and have no time to read more than two paragraphs so your daily snippets are very useful to me." Well, that comment came from an anonymous user who do not have a blog, all that person needed was his daily dose of information. I learned from that a lot.

And don't edit your post especially if many people have already read it and placed their comments. If you edit make it clear that it's an update and you are retaining the original.

Contrary to what other bloggers believe, blogging around the trends is not a sure way of losing touch with your blogging friends. I see it from another angle; it grows your blogging circle and it expands your reach. Many people visit your blogs, most of them are not bloggers but just plain internet users who were brought in by the search engine, these are the people that bring in the money.

My advice to those who would like to blog around the trends: do not do it if your blog is poorly SEO'd because you'll just be disappointed. SEO your blog first then follow the trends. There's no other way to do it the clean way.

I am starting a new blog that is focused on how to earn more online the white hat way, just hope that I will have some free time in the next few days so that I will be able to post in that blog.