Doing Good with Infolinks

Saturday, August 29, 2009

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After reading a lot of blog posts about Infolinks for some time, I and my wife decided to try it on our blogs. We started to have in-text ads in three of our blogs on July 25. After putting the Infolinks code in our blogs and configuring it to match our blogs' themes, we just forgot about it. We have three Infolinks accounts, one for each blog because when we signed up last month, only one blog or site was allowed for each account (I think now Infolinks has already allowed more than one blog in one account).

Now, after 33 days of running Infolinks in-text ads in our blogs, I checked the earnings, expecting to see a few cents here and there. But I was surprised to see that in one blog, the income for 33 days has reached $87.18, averaging $2.64 per day. This is good passive income! I checked the two other accounts and saw that they are not performing like the first one. One blog has earned $25.16 in 33 days, averaging $0.70 per day. The third blog is not really doing well, it earned just $5.15 in 33 day. All in all, the three blogs earned $117.49. That's good passive income, more than enough to cover the monthly payment for the internet connection and electric bill.

I believe I can improve our Infolinks earnings if I will study it. What is good about it is that Infolinks did not affect our Adsense earnings. Last month we earned $1,202 from Adsense, this month it would still be around that amount or more (there are two days more left for this month and the earnings in the coming two days is still significant in the final amount of this month's Adsense earnings).

I guess we need to experiment with our Infolink setup in the low performing blog, probably change the number of in-text ads per page, we'll see if this will affect the earnings in the next month of September. Our setup as of now is uniform in all three blogs--7 in-text links per page.

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Kim said...

use double underline, it attracts more high paying keywords. tsaka I received an email from infolinks, replied them promptly and they said they adjusted the settings manually. malakas talaga infolinks, but not that much compared to adsense. and yes, di affected adsense earnings khit may infolinks sa same blog. btw, thanks for not hijacking my walkthroughs anymore. yung post kosa blog ko is about a tarlac blogger and a news catcher na ginawang google trends ang blog ko hehe. link ex po tayo sir?

August 29, 2009 at 11:33 PM