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Friday, August 28, 2009

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You will know when your business is really getting big when you finally need to get real with your Email Hosting. When it comes to hosted exchange and collaboration and exchange of data that your business requires, the primary concern should be about the security and privacy of data. How can security and privacy be obtained? If your business is based, say for example, in Australia, but your reach is global, you would be in some kind of danger of exposing you and your clients to different kinds of security and privacy threats like identity theft. Each country in the world has its own laws and online privacy and security is also partly dependent on how these laws function. In a country where the laws are quite slack when it comes to issues of privacy and security, you'd be in danger if you do not choose your hosted exchange wisely. But how to choose wisely? Simple, all you need to know is whether the email hosting provider can give good security like email encryption, and other kinds of advanced security features. there's one company I can suggest, They are backed by backed by the IPMG. If you don't know what is IPMG. is also the most capitalised hosting provider in Australia. If you check them out now, you'll be in for something good because they have a promo, just use the promo code "EXCH25" and you'll be able to enjoy a 25% off on all of their Hosted Exchange Plans.

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