Mission for Month of August : Earn $2,000 from Adsense

This week, the traffic for my blogs and my wife's is not as good as in the past months because this week I was so busy that I was not able to post as often as I should. I was very busy with office work, and during the nights I was also busy building newer "niche" blogs that I hope to monitize in a few months time. But I was quite surprised that our Adsense income is still going strong; for the first week of August, we earned $603.26 and averaged $75 per day. The posts we made during the last week of July continue to bring in good traffic and good steady income. I also noticed that despite the smaller traffic now, our ads' CTR continue to increase. We did not change the position of our ads but we changed the way we select the keywords to optimize; I guess this also contributes in the higher CTR. Some may not see the connection there, but keywords really matter not only in traffic but in how visitors behave. Let me rephrase that, the keywords we optimize really affects the kind of visitors we get.

Now, I have given myself and my wife a mission for the month of August: earn $2,000 from Adsense alone. That's a challenge I set for my self and my wife. I believe that we can make it. Last month I posted about dreaming of breaking into the realm of $1,000 a month with Adsense and we got past that, we earned $1,202 in the month of July. We are very positive about making it again--breaking into another realm of Adsense income.

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