Windows 7 Reviews

Sunday, August 9, 2009

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I guess I should get myself Window 7. Why? It is because most of the Windows 7 reviews I read are good, full of praise for the new OS. Here are some reviews:

from Gizmodo:
Windows XP was a great OS in its day. Windows Vista, once it found its feet several months in, was a good OS. With Windows 7, the OS is great again. It's what people said they wanted out of Windows: Solid, more nimble and the easiest, prettiest Windows yet. There's always a chance this won't be a huge hit come October, given the economy and the state of the PC industry, but it's exactly what Microsoft needs right now. Something people can grab without fear.

from WinSuperSite:
So is Windows 7 just Vista with a bit of eye candy added and some performance tweaks? The cynical might believe so, but let's not get silly. Windows 7 is the sum of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tiny tweaks, none of which would be particularly interesting in isolation. But taken as a whole, the result is astonishing. Where Vista felt incomplete and scattered, Windows 7 seems polished. Like an Apple product, it appears to be the result of a singular vision, though I'd be surprised if that were really the case.
from DigitalTrends:

With OS X Snow Leopard, innumerable different flavors of Linux and now Google’s own ChromeOS lining up to challenge Microsoft’s superiority in operating systems, its stranglehold on the market has never seemed more precarious. But let Windows 7 lay rumors of an OS coup d’├ętat to rest. Like an old fascist dictator, Vista is officially dead and buried, and its successor is one you can actually warm up to. Microsoft has not only atoned for Vista’s grievances with vastly improved performance and fewer nags, a number of old standbys that no one was complaining about (like the task bar) have been reimagined and made better at the same time.

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