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For some time now I have been contemplating about quiting my boring day job so I would be able to concentrate on earning online. But the question is this: Is it possible to make a living on the internet? I know that 9 out of 10 would say "NO". But I say YES, it is possible to make a full time living on the internet; all one needs to have is the guts, the brains, the knowledge, and the tools in order to be able to do it. I know that many people could not even imagine how to go about earning online, all they know about earning money is working their asses off in the office, pleasing their boss forever. I could not imagine myself working in an office forever, doing the same boring stuff everyday the safe way, receiving that fixed salary every month. There is something better than having a job with a fixed salary and that is by becoming your own boss. Becoming your own boss means not having a boss and doing things your own way. You can probably start a business if you like but of course it entails something like capital--money in the first place, and knowledge about the business niche you want to take on. What if you don't have money for capital? You can try a business that do not need any monetary capital at all, like blogging. I am not saying that you should quit your job now and start blogging, what I am trying to say is that if you never liked working in a corporate setting because you can't really stand corporate BS and idiots on a daily basis plus the inflated egos that fly around the office, then the internet is the place for you. I have a regular job (I am the boss in my department, I have my own office, and I have a little staff) but I am not satisfied with it so last year I started looking for some more exciting things elsewhere. I found blogging (or rather blogging found me) and started earning from it last year. But it was only in January of this year that I started earning really good. If I were to add up all that I and my wife have earned online in the last three months (June, July, August) it would be more than $4,000, most of it, about 70%, came from Google Adsense, the rest from other online money streams. The image below is the actual Adsense money I and my wife got on August 28, that's Php58,400 or $1,202. On the 28th of this month we will be receiving almost the same amount, it depends on the dollar-peso exchange rate on that date.


Now, if you get to earn something that come near to that amount every month, would you give up your boring day job? If you have the guts, you would quit your boring day job because you can actually double or triple that kind of online income if you only put your full time on it. I'll quit my boring day job on March (that's six months away). Why wait for March and not quit now? I could not just fire my boss, that's why LOL!

This article is not meant to encourage you to quit your own boring day job now, I only meant to show you that it is possible to make a full-time living on the internet. Learn the ropes of earning online first then start earning good. When you feel that you can repeat the big earning you've got last month in the next months to come then that's the perfect time to fire your boss. I have learned a lot of stuff in the last five or six months and that knowledge gives me the courage to try bigger things now. Of course I know that even if I know more things than most regular bloggers know, my knowledge is not that big yet. Last month I met a new friend online (that guy who runs the blog Phawville) and I realized that I have yet to learn so many things, that my knowledge about the ins and outs of earning online is not that great yet. I learned a lot of new stuff from him that I can make use of in doing the "bigger" things that I plan to achieve in the next few months.

Teaching is the best way to learn more that is why I will be sharing to you the things that helped me earn quite good online. I have started a blog dedicated to teaching people the things I know about blogging, SEO, and online money. I am now writing the first two articles for that blog, when I finish with the articles you will know because the links below will become live.

How to Make Money from Your Blog

SEO Basics for the ultimate noob that some "experts" could use

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