Droid Does - iDont Commercial

Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Woohoo, what is Droid up to giving iPhone sharp jabs in its new TV spot? The TV ad is short and simple but every second of it is like a boot on the face of iPhone. The TV spot is called Droid Does and its message is clear:

iDon't have real keyboard
iDon't run simultaneous apps
iDon't take 5-megapixel pictures
iDon't customize
iDon't run widgets
iDon't allow open development
iDon't take pictures in the dark
iDon't have interchangeable batteries
Evrything iDon't
Droid Does

This little teaser is meant to prepare you for Verizon's Droid antiphone. I have no idea how this Droid antiphone will look like but I guess it is something that is worth checking out when it comes out of the oven.

If you are iPhone, what would you do? How would you make your next TV spot?

Here is the Droid Does TV spot:

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Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...

If I am Apple I would not respond. Sadly, I am a Verizon customer. I would rather they get the ability to sell the Iphone instead of the droid! I have a feeling a lot of people feel like that. I love the service, but I want an Iphone. last year I made the mistake of getting the blackberry storm and not just leaving and going to AT&T. Thats my decision coming up soon, do I just leave so I can have a Iphone or not. Who cares about this Droid. They made a big deal about the Storm too and it sucked. I bet the Droid will as well.

October 24, 2009 at 7:11 AM