Turns Your Computer Into a Server with Opera Unite

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Opera has announced the release of Opera Unite, a product that is said to "reinvent the web." What is it exactly? This browser, Opera claims, can turn your PC into a server because Opera Unite is a web server in the web browser.

Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner said about the product:
"Today, we are opening the full potential of the Web for everyone, technology moves in distinct cycles. PCs decentralized computing away from large mainframes. Opera Unite now decentralizes and democratizes the cloud. With server capability in the browser, Web developers can create Web applications with profound ease. Consumers have the flexibility to choose private and efficient ways of sharing information. We believe Opera Unite is one of our most significant innovations yet, because it changes forever the fundamental fabric of the Web."

Opera Unite allows you to enjoy the following: file sharing, web server, media player, photo sharing, chat, and "the fridge," which allows users to post notes on their friends' "virtual refrigerators." I have just downloaded it and I am testing it. I will put in some updates after I have used this app for a few days.

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