Passive Online Income Streams

When I first started earning online more than a year ago, I only had what I considered then as my "active online income." I thought that earning around $200 a month from writing paid posts in my blogs was a good enough source of "active online income" and I was satisfied with it for about four or five months. I seriously believed then that the average blogger like me can only earn as much as $200-$300 a month. But then I slowly got bored with the $200 a month income from paid posts in my blogs so I started thinking about other ways of earning online. I started reading up on topics about how to earn from Google Adsense because I heard that some guys are pulling thousands of dollars a month from it. I read and read and read and experimented and experimented and experimented until I came upon the formula that worked for me. I started earning bigger each month from Adsense and I lost interest in paid postings--it has lost its glitter in my eyes. Of course Adsense became my main source of active online income. A few months ago I have broken into the realm of $1,000 a month of Adsense income. That is what I consider active online income now. I know that most regular office guys can only dream about this kind of monthly income. But even if I am earning a lot from that I still try to find other ways to earn more, that is why I have what I now consider as my passive online income streams, I consider them passive because I really do not consciously count the money that I can earn from them, I just let them be there and hope that when I check on them every once in a while when I remember them, I see a few cents trickling in; an extra few cents a day is always welcome. I have as of now three sources of passive online income : CPALead, Infolinks, and Adbrite.

So far the best performing of the three sources of passive income I mentioned is CPALead. I applied for an account with them on October 5, I got approved on October 6 and I started earning on the 7th. So far so good, and I will receive my first payment from them on the 30th of November (he he that is just two weeks away). Here is the screen shot of what I will be getting from CPALead on the 30th of this month:

I am really tempted to click the "Get Paid Early" button but I am holding my self back because I want this money to come in when my Adsense earnings comes in also on the 30th; I want a big bang you know. I think I will elevate CPLead into "active income" because I am really making good money from it. If I will give more time to it, I know that I can double the amount shown in the screen shot above. Actually, I started taking CPALead seriously, two days ago I built two sites that are designed to allow me to make more money from CPALead. Here is the screen shot of my "month-to-date" CPALead earnings:

I was not able to really look into my CPALead-earning websites in the last two weeks but still they earned quite good. I guess I have to add more sites for my CPALead ventures and make some tweakings here and there. My goal is to earn at least $1000 every month from CPALead alone. I guess it is easy to achieve this, by then CPALead would become a source of active income for me, but as of now I still consider it a passive source of income.

The next source of passive online income for me is Infolinks. It is really very easy, no sweat at all, I just placed Infolinks code in 2 blogs and here is what I have been earning in the last three months:

The next one is Adbrite, this is something that I have forgotten about for some months then I remembered it lately and checked what it has brought me in the many months that have passed. This is what I got:
I will receive my first check from Adbrite on the first week of January 2010, it would be around $200 because I now average $12 per week (lol!) in Adbrite and I am now in the $180 mark, so by the end of December I'd be around $210 or more.

Passive online income can bring a smile to your face, especially when the money is already in your pocket. Now i am looking for more ways of getting more passive income streams, I have just been accepted by Adscend Media and I guess I'd be earning good from them. Now I need to end this post because I have to build two new websites for my Adscend Media ventures. I'll give you an update later about my performance with Adscend Media.