Apple Announcement - Apple iTablet

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Apple Announcement - Apple iTablet

Every techy guy is waiting for the Apple announcement which is to come a few hours from now. The Apple iTablet is the center of interest because it is said to be the "savior of old media". As of now, what people have about the Apple iTablet are just speculations, but most of the ideas about the iTablet are glowing. But would Apple iTablet really deliver what is expected of it? That remains to be seen. They are saying that the iTablet will change the way we think and learn because of how it delivers content. But would the content providers be able to handle it and provide the kind of content that the iTablet needs to show it's use to the fullest? The LA Times has a story that touches this, here's part of it:

Although Apple has proved its deftness at creating trendy devices and a digital store in which publishers could sell their wares, Gartner Inc. analyst Allen Weiner said there will be plenty of trial and error before newspaper, magazine and book publishers figure out the “fine art” of creating digital editions that take advantage of the device’s graphics and video”… “Where’s the opportunity? It’s creating book experiences. It’s taking a cookbook and adding video and author updates. That’s an opportunity, because you can charge extra for that.”

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