1,265,918 Page Views in 18 Months

I seldom check the stats of my wife's two blogs but when I checked them today I was quite surprised to see that the total page views of my wife's first blog, Pinay Chicken Heart, has already reached 1,119,626. Pinay Chicken Heart is 21 months old, it's very first post, entitled "Why Chicken Heart," is dated May 2, 2008; the very first comment came from Gem, The Lady Programmer.

Pinay Chicken Heart

So I checked my wife's other blog, Wow Legs, to see how it has fared in the last 18 months of its existence. I was surprised to see that Wow Legs has 1,265,918 page views already. Wow Legs is 18 months old. Of course these numbers are too small compared to big sites' stats but for small bloggers like us this is something that can be proud of--getting past the millionth page view.

Wow Legs

I and my wife are proud to say that Pinay Chicken Heart and Wow Legs have earned more or less $14,000 already in the last 21 months. Of course these earnings did not start immediately, Pinay Chicken Heart started getting real earnings in April 2009, Wow Legs in September 2009. Not bad for Blogger blogs. We are looking forward to more fruitful years to come for the two blogs :)