The Future of Internet Video is Very Bright

The way we use the internet changes with how internet connections become faster and faster each day. Internet advertising is inevitably rolling towards being video-based. It will not take more than five years from now before video ads become the backbone of internet advertising, reaching a billion consumers who will be spending more and more time watching video clips online. Internet advertising is growing very fast, in fact it is predicted to grow eight times faster than all other mediums. In four years' time, online video advertising will be the name of the game. So where do producers, corporate sponsors, and publishers stand in this? If you are a producer, or a corporate sponsor, or publisher, would you allow your self to be left behind while others cash in on the great potential of video advertising in the internet? I came upon a website that is heading the pack, This revolutionary advertising network has a very good approach to online video marketing. They make it possible to allow corporate sponsors, video producers, and third-party website publishers to come together to create and view branded user-generated content in a fun, creative,and informative way. This is how it works in MeHype : corporate sponsors post at creative brief like new product introduction or the like. Video producers can then create short (15-30 seconds) video clips based on the briefs. Website publisher can then display the video in their site. Each time the video is viewed in its entirety the video producer and website publisher earns money.

So where are you in this? Check out now and become a part of the hype.

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