3.1 Patch Notes

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Many is waiting for this: the official World of Warcraft Patch 3.1 will go live in just a few hours. This patch features many improvements, additions, and bug fixes but the major features are the New Inscriptions, Major Class Changes, Ulduar, Swimming Mounts, Dual Specs, and the Argent Tournament.The patch is now on Blizzard's server and in a few hours it will be released.

Here is the full list of what WoW Patch 3.1 will give you:

Ulduar’s secrets will be revealed after many battles and a great journey.
The Argent Tournament will begin, and it will decide who is good enough to fight against the Lich King.
Select classes will get new spells and abilities, players are required to visit class trainers to learn the new spells.
In the Argent Tournament players will discover new ways of getting reputation using capitol cities; mounted combat and more; new titles, achievements, and daily quests(!); new epic and rare items.
40+ level players can pay a fee to learn dual-talent while visiting their special trainer.
New meta-achievements for the Noblegarden which now includes quests, items, and many others.
For the PvP area, the improvement consists of a new feature called Enemy Unit Frames which can only be used when you find yourself in the Arenas.
Many new features, and a hoard of improvements were added to the Battlegrounds, Races in general, Lake Wintergrasp, Alterac Valley, Classes in general, Druid, Death Knight, Frost, Unholy, Blood, Balance, Feral, Arms, Hunter, Restoration, Fire, Beast Masteries, Discipline Pets, Holy, Priest, Fishing, Enhancement, and this list could go on forever!
New dungeon maps for Wrath of the Lich King.
Properly delay for Malygos after a Vortex.
Raid’s thread is no longer restarted by the Chains of KelThuzad.
Shade of Naxxramas’s Portal of Shadows only stands for a minute.
Players will have their pets dismissed when using Obedience Crystals.
Emalon, Archavon, and their allies now banish 10 minutes before the Lake Wintergrasp Battle.
Quest Tracking comes with some more advanced features. You can activate the feature from the menu.
The Interface menu features a Color Blind option.
The Spell Effect Level now features Particle Density and Projected Textures settings.
Video Mode Ultra for high-end computers.
Better Shadow Quality can now be set from the Interface.
Players can now allocate talent points before confirming the spending. You can activate the new feature from the menu.
New Equipment Manager, that can manage 10 sets of items.
Confirmation box for buying more than 150 gold.
Objective tracking window now features the Achievement and Quest tracking.
Advanced features for the objective tracking window can be turned on from the objective menu.
When operating a vehicle, the player can now see Health, Fuel, and Ammo on the vehicle interface.
Better performance for the minimap.
Vehicles, Class Colors, OffMap pings now show on the minimap.
V-Key frames features new elite mob frames.
Stamina took Dodge rating’s place.
Gift of Arthas is now a curse.
Hearthstone cooldown is now 30 minutes.
It takes 3 seconds to create a Darkmoon card of the North.
The players can now mail the Pack of Endless Pockets.
Holy Shock healing bonus is now just 10 percent.
Food Eaten statistics have been improved.
Giang Darkwater Clam can be found by fishing in Wintergrasp and features 5 times more meat than regular clams.
Improved loot stacking.
Succulent Clam Meat is not grudge anymore.
The Glyph of Heart Strike took Glyph of Blood Boil’s place.
Dancing Rune Weapon duration is 10 seconds longer due to Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon.
Bersek’s duration is 5 seconds longer due to the Glyph of Bersek.

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