Google App Engine

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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Google's environment for building and hosting web applications, Google App Engine, was first announced a year ago. Now, in celebration of its birthday, Google unvieled new features for the App Engine. In the Official Google Blog, Google has this to say about the new features:

Tonight at Campfire One we released a new set of features -- based on community and internal feedback -- that helps App Engine interface more easily with businesses' existing technologies:
*App Engine's early look at Java™ language support includes a Java runtime, integration with the new Google Web Toolkit 1.6, and a Google Plugin for Eclipse
*The Google Secure Data Connector enables centrally-managed access to on-premise data from Google Apps
*The database import tool makes it easier to move gigabytes of data into App Engine (and export functionality is coming within the month)
*Cron support can execute scheduled tasks like report generation and DB clean-up at regular intervals

App Engine is still quite young compared to the more established Amazon Web Services. If you do not know Amazon Web Services, it helps to know that their famous customer is Twitter.  App Engine's limitation to apps built in Python makes it a baby in this field. Let's wait a little while more for this to grow.

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