My Traffic Experiment Day 3 (3,680 unique hits in one day)

I have made two posts about the experiment with traffic that I did with my other blog, this is the third part of the topic. You can read the first two posts here and here. On the third day of my experiment, I got results that was way beyond what I have expected. My target was to get at least 800 unique hits for my MyFreedomWall blog. Instead of 800 unique hits, I got a whooping 3,680 unique hits in the last 24 hours! You can check out the stats here. Mind you, all this traffic came from the search engines, mostly from Google.

I am in my fourth day of the experiment, I will do this experiment for one week, if it shows very good results, I will post the method I used in getting a bigger traffic. Just last week and the many weeks before, the average daily visitors of my other blog was 25. In the last three day it has grown rapidly. You can do it too. 


I have added one of my wife's blogs yesterday in this experiment, her traffic also skyrocket. See the stats here of just see the screenshot below.