My Traffic Experiment

Last night I started a little experiment with my other blog. I tried a very basic SEO trick with it to see if I can increase its search engine traffic overnight. I was surprised that the trick really works, and it is very effective. My Freedom Wall averages 25 unique visits per day but yesterday it got 431 unique visits, 90% of which came via the search engines, mostly from Google. Now on the second day of the experiment, there are positive signs that it will get more than 431 hits. Look at the image below, see how big the increase in traffic? The last bar is not as high as the one before it but tomorrow, I am sure that it will be higher than 431 because as I am writing this visitors continue to arrive via the search engines.

I am still studying this trick, when I am quite confident with its ins and outs, I will post a little tutorial here for those who want to increase their traffic.