Why Free Hosting Sucks

Nothing is free in this world. The word "free" attached to some web hosting sites is there only as a hook. Why would anyone give away hosting for free? There's got to be something in it for those "free web hosting sites". These companies are there because they are doing business and not  philanthropic work.  

A good example of a "free" webhosting company is 110MB.com. I had an account with them because like many people who are new to web hosting, I opted for free hosting before diving into the real thing. The reviews of 110mb.com were quite good so I was convinced that they are really good. I signed up fo a free account and immediately attempted to install my very first WordPress blog. But I soon realized that the a free 110MB account does not include MySQL database feature which is needed to run a WordPress blog. To unlock the MySQL feature I had to shell out $9.95. I told my self that it's okay, that amount is quite small. And so I shelled out $9.95 to be able to get on with the WordPress install. 

I was impressed with the cPanel of 110mb; installation of WordPress was a breeze and I was able to upload tons of templates in a matter of minutes after installation. I then proceeded to buy a domain name from GoDaddy for my new WP blog. But when I attempted to point my new domain to my WP blog I learned that .htaccess support must be turned on first before I can use a custom domain on my WP install. Another $9 is needed to unlock this feature. So I shelled out another $9 for the .htaccess feature. At last my new WordPress blog was running smoothly with its shiny new custom domain. But when WordPress 2.7.1 came out, a problem made itself known: I needed to turn on the Sendmail ON feature to be able to do an automatic download and upgrade of my WordPress install in 110MB server. It costs $9! And of course, if you are doing a WordPress upgrade you need to back up your blog. To be able to back up my blog, I had to turn on the 1-Click Backup ENABLE feature which is worth $7!!! My goodness! So I uninstalled my WP blog and forgot about 110MB and their not really free web hosting, along with the $18 I wasted on them. Actually, it was not wasted, i learned a lot from them.

I then did a little research about the best web hosting companies around and I was torn between WebHostingPad.com and FatCow.com. After chatting with the customer service of the two companies, I decided to get a one year web hosting from FatCow. I was able to get a very good deal from them. Now I am enjoying FatCow's good service, really worth my money. If they continue to perform this good, I'll buy more hosting from them. As of now, I have around 15 blogs hosted on FatCow.  Yes more than 15 and I don't know how I'd take care of them all :)