Wolfram Alpha

They are saying that Wolfram Alpha will be a "Google killer".  In case you do not know, Wolfram Alpha is a new search engine. But this search engine is quite different from Google or from any other search engine you know. Here's what makes Wolfram Alpha different according to ReadWriteWeb:
Instead of searching the web for info, Alpha is built around a vast repository of curated data from public and licensed sources. Alpha then organizes and computes this knowledge with the help of sophisticated Natural Language Processing algorithms. Users can ask Alpha any kind of question, which can be constructed just like a Google search.

Wolfram Alpha is from the makers of Mathematica. Stephen Wolfram, the creator of Mathematica explain that Wolfram Alpha "is built on top of 5 million lines of Mathematica code which currently run on top of about 10,000 CPUs". Wolfram is currently expanding its server farm in preparation for the public launch. 

Wolfram Alpha will come in two versions; the free version and the Pro version. The Pro version will allow users to download and upload data to Alpha.  

I guess Wolfram Alpha is too different to be a Google killer. Google has its own thing, Wolfram Alpha has also its own thing, they are not in the same field so there's no killing to happen.

Wolfram Alpha will be launched in May.