Escape The Convenience Store Walkthrough

Friday, August 7, 2009

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Okay, I know tht you are by now nursing a headache, you've been trying to escape the convinience store the whole day but you just can get out of there. I am here to help you. I searched for a video of Escape The Convenience Store Walkthrough but I did not find any, so I ended up with the text version. So far the best one that I found is from, here it is, i snitched it :

It's another escape game and this time, of all the places it's Escape the Convenience Store by addicting games. I would eat all and take stuffs from this convenience store before I escape though. If you're stuck here's Escape the Convenience Store walkthrough. As usual I'll post the walkthrough bit by bit as I complete Escape the Convenience Store. Yup that means this is a live Escape the Convenience Store walkthrough.

On the first screen with the car you've rammed to the convenience store, there are items you can pick. But you're right, this is a mess. Oh boy, I've really screwed up now.

Nothing much here, let's take a look at the next screen on the right. You will notice a bunch of rack with items. Take a look on the middle rack with the glasses souvenirs at the bottom. Note them. Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Boston.

Click the third rack, and take a lock out tool in the slim jim box at the front. Take a look at the right, after the Soda dispenser and you'll see the hotdog display. You can get a key underneath this table. There's also another key on the next screen to the right. It's on the cashier's machine on the white box. Look at what's behind this table by clicking somewhere on top. You'll see a vault, use the first key (gold) you got and get a scratch card. Use the second key (silver) to open the drawer on this scene. Get a screwdriver.

Now let's get back to the area with slushie dispenser. Use the screwdriver on the phone booth to get a coin. Click on the sratch card, then click on the coin. Rub out the scratch card to reveal a code, 4872. Geez, as if we can't use our nail. Alright so this is only a game.

You know where to input this code right? On the 3 grocery rack, there's an electronic rack. Input 4872 and you'll unlock the cooler. Open the middle cooler by clicking on its handle and take the bottle with label. You'll get a bottle of Iced Tea. Click the ? on this Iced Tea to view in full size, click on the cap, then take the cap. Click on the cap and notice the code, A12345.

Get back to the scene where you started and use the lock out tool to open the rear door. Take the glove. Click the glove then click on the glass stuff on this area to pick a glass shard.

Go to the counter area, and pop the purple balloon with the glass shard. Get another key. Use this on the locked drawer below the soda dispenser. You'll get a cup. Now here's the hardwork. Put the cup underneath one of the soda dispenser faucet. Open the faucet by clicking the handle. Bring this full cup to the grocery rack with the glass souvenirs. Fill one, then take another of the color until you fill all four glass souvenirs. Note their colors. Chicago is blue, New York is pink, Las Vegas is orange, and Boston is purple.

Go to the door with the map, and input these colors by clicking on the 4 pins, the colors changes for each game so take note! The first state on the map is Nevada, where Las Vegas is. You get the picture. Enter A12345 (written on cap) and you're free to Escape the Convenience Store!

NOTE! You have to fill up the four glasses, the color code changes for each play.

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Monztarrr said...

Chicago and LV are green for me... does not compute.

November 24, 2009 at 4:45 PM
Kaoru said...

For me, the code was B12345. I think little details like that change, and the colors, but the main idea stays the same.

March 20, 2010 at 6:37 PM