A Blog for Your Business is a Must

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If you are a wise businessman you know that you have to keep yourself updated to what's going on around you. If you are up-to-date you know about blogging and you know that your business needs a blog to keep it afloat. There are many of reasons why your business must have a blog especially in this time of  recession.

Jennifer Laycock of Seacrh Engine Guide explains that consumers have less money to spend and therefore research their purchases more. The best way to research is to surf the net. Blogs come up in the search. If your company doesn't have a blog, you'll be left behind.  If your company has a blog, you can compete with other big companies on a global level because of your blog. 

Here are the reason why your business must have a blog, according to Jennifer:

1.    Showcase your personality
2.    Create a feedback cycle
3.    Build a loyal community
4.    Create an emotional investment
5.    Increase your credibility

Watch the video above for more of this.

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