Looking Back : My Blogs' Earnings for 2008

2008 was a very good year for me, in that year I got promoted to a higher position in my day job. I also got my master's degree that year. But these things were expected so it's only natural for them to have come to me in 2008. 

But something in 2008 made it special. In that year I started blogging. I started my first real blog (not meant for earning) in February. Then in March I stumbled upon some Filipino blogs that talk about earning online so I got interested in earning online. I came upon Berry's blog and learned so much from her posts about earning online with her blogs. During that time she was in her fourth month of earning from her blogs (though she was blogging since 2005) and she was just too happy about it. I frequented her blog and we became friends. I started more blogs and by July 2008 my very first online income came into my Paypal account. Money came in slowly but surely and it became bigger and bigger each month. I never really kept track of how much I was earning from my blogs, all I knew was that every two weeks some money comes into my credit card from my Paypal account.  I was also able to convince my wife to blog and she got to it immeditely, she learned fast the technical side of blogging and in a few weeks she was as addicted to blogging as I was.

A while ago I got curious about how much I and my wife has earned from blogging in 2008. I opened my Paypal account and got to the History and filtered it to show just the list of money that came in. I then computed the amount we earned in Philippine Peso and I was surprised to learn that in the last five months of the year 2008 we've earned approximately P29,011.20. I computed it using the average P46 to a dollar. This amount came from paid posts and does not include what I earned from Adsense and AdBrite and the freelancing jobs (which is quite good but could not be considered as blogging income) I took from GAF and oDesk and other companies. 

What made me addicted to blogging is the fact that I earn from what I write. This brings a very good feeling to a writer. When people read what you write and pay you for it, you get more than just money, you get this feeling of fulfillment that can only be had when you know that you at least matter to the outside world. Seeing the number of flags in the flag counter in my main blog (this blog) and the number of people coming into my blogs and leaving good comments gives me some kind of high, it makes the world, which is known to be cruel, a better place to live in. 

I made many good and worth treasuring friends in the blogosphere like Malou, Gem, Pchi, Umma, Joops, Chubskulit, Calvin, Sammy, Meiyah, and all the bloggers who frequent my blog silently (I always see their avatar in my MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog widget, and I have memorized the images of their avatars). I also got to know other bloggers from around the world through Entrecard. The thing is, I earned more than just money from my blogging, and that's what makes it very good.