Most Windows 7 Installations Will be 64-Bit

Some "reliable" source inside Microsoft is saying that there are good signs that majority of Windows 7 installs will be 64-bit. This is because 25% of Vista installs near the end of 2008 were 64-bit. It is predicted that when Windows 7 comes out, majority of its install will be 64-bit. The age of 32-bit computing is nearing its end, blame it on the cheap DDR2 DRAM. Jon DeVaan, Senior Vice-President of the Windows Core Operating System Division, says,. "From our point of view we believe that we have accomplished the tipping point in terms of 64-bit adoption. Now, this happened to a large degree because memory prices are coming down, and another dynamic that we've seen in the United States is that the retail channel is looking to use RAM upgrades as a way to boost margin. So what that means is that 64-bit machine run rate is increasing rapidly, and that means our ability to support those 64-bit machines fully in the broad ecosystem is a really important thing." 

At home, I am using Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit. I am planning to try out Windows 7, probably I will install it next week after I back up my files. I got a legit serial for Windows 7 beta, it will allow me to use Windows 7 Beta for 6 months. I will make a post later today about how to get your own Windows 7 serial from Microsoft.

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