Withdrawing Money Again

For the second time this month I am withdrawing money from my online earnings. Last January 6 I withdrew $190 from my Paypal account to my Eon Cyber account. A few moments ago I withdrew $170 from Paypal, this time I followed The Lady Programmer's advice to withdraw Paypal earnings using the "withdraw to bank account" option in Paypal. According to her the process is quicker and free; there will be no charges because the amount I withdrew is over P7,000. A while ago I had $227.50 in my Paypal, now what is left is $50+. I intentionally left the  $57.50 so that I have quick money to spend online if ever I'd need to buy something very important like another domain for my wife's online store (it'd be up soon, I am still working on it). The next batch of money from online earnings will be coming into my Paypal starting the first week of February. 

I have no plans of withdrawing money from my Paypal but my son is somewhat sick and we'll be bringing him tomorrow morning to the doctor. I know that it will take three to four days for the money to be reflected in my bank account and become withdrawable but it is good to have money coming in times like this, just in case things get worse. 

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